Raise Money with Port-a-Pit®


It’s easy!

Port-a-Pit® is a delicious and easy way to fundraise. Once the sweet smell of our tasty chicken is in the air, it will take no time for customers to start rolling in. While chicken is typically our main attraction, we can also prepare ribs and drummettes for your occasion. Browse our menu and tell us what we can make for your fundraiser to be a hit. The Koala-T Bakery can also create a special dessert to go along with our fantastic meat and sides.
We have helped churches, fire departments, schools and school groups (such as band, chorus, etc.), dance groups, family reunions, people in need, and more. Whatever your goal, we can help you make it happen.

Please Reach Out to get started today. If you’d like to have a taste and support other fundraising events, you can Find Us using our event calendar to see when the next Port-a-Pit® fundraiser will held.



Booking your fundraiser:

  1. The first thing your group needs to do is to determine a date for your fundraiser.  We try not to have more than one Port-A-Pit event in an area on the same week.
  2. When your group decides on a date a contract will be sent to your group.  This will need to be signed by the contact person and returned with the deposit within 10 days. Your group will not be put on the calendar as a definite until the contract has been signed and returned.
  3. All groups will be required to submit a $200.00 deposit upon scheduling your event; this reserves the date and equipment.  If your group cancels within 15 days of your event, you will forfeit your deposit.

Cook on site?

  1. The minimum order for a fundraiser with a cooker on location is 440 orders.
  2. If your groups want to a smaller amount, we may be able to cook this at our kitchen. Arrangements can be made for us to deliver to you or for your group to pick up if we are unable to deliver.

Selling tickets:

  1. Your group will be responsible for printing tickets.
  2. We strongly suggest that you presell tickets.  This is very important because it will help you determine your final count for ordering; and will help assure a successful fundraising event for you group, no matter the weather!

Location suggestions:

  1. It is up to your group to secure the location for the fundraiser.
  2. Pick your location carefully.  Make sure your location is easily accessible to your customers.
  3. The BBQ machine needs to be within 100ft. of a 110-volt outlet (Please no outlets with the pop off breakers on the outlet).
  4. If the machine is more than 100ft. from the outlet, an extra heavy-duty extension cord must be provided by your group.
  5. If your group cannot provide electric, you will need to provide a generator of at least 2500 watts with a regulator and an adequate supply of gas.


  1. Please place your final order five (5) business days prior to the event date.
  2. Keep in mind, you will be billed for the amount you ordered and not the amount you sell.
  3. An arrival time will be determined when you place your final order.  If your group needs to have the product all done by a certain time you will need to let us know before the arrival time is set.
  4. If you find that you need more products after you have placed your final order, you may call Port-A-Pit BBQ up to the day before your event to see if we have any extra.  We try to keep extra on hand but there are no guarantees.
  5. You may also check with the BBQ chef on the day of your event to see if he will be able to cook more (we usually send 50 extra).

Day of the fundraiser:

  1. Be sure that a member of your group will be at your location at the prearranged arrival time to meet the BBQ chef.
  2. Electricity or a generator must be available immediately upon arrival.
  3. It helps to have your volunteers arrive at least one hour before you begin to box up plates.
  4. It is recommended that you have at least 4 adults per serving line throughout the serving hours.
  5. A pair of black gloves will be given to your group to pick up the chicken with, at no charge. Your group will need to keep up with these, for your next fundraiser. If you need more pairs, there will be a charge of $8.00 a pair.

Insulated containers (Cambros):

  1. The lid of the cambro should be kept shut as much as possible to keep the product hot.  You must maintain a temperature of 140 degrees or higher at all times.
  2. All equipment must be returned to Port-A-Pit BBQ within 2 days of your event. If your group is unable to return the equipment, please call Port-A-Pit BBQ to make arrangements for us to pick up the equipment for a small fee.

Paying the invoice:

  1. All groups will need to pay the chefs the day of the cook, either in cash or a check.

New Fundraiser Price List

Port-A-Pit BBQ Effective as January 31, 2018

*Prices subject to market!

Port-a Pit Chicken

1/2 chicken (meat only)                                                        $4.75/piece

1/2 chicken plate (full service)

  • Full service includes chicken
  • Baked beans, BBQ slaw, roll, to go box
  • Packet, deli paper and serving utensils          $6.40/plate

Port-A-Pit Style Ribs

Port-A-Pit Style Ribs (meat only)                                        $8.65/ 1 #

Port-A-Pit Style Ribs (full service)                                      $10.30/plate

  • Full service includes ribs
  • Baked beans, BBQ slaw, roll, to go box
  • Packet, deli paper and serving utensil

Port-A-Pit Style Drummettes

Port-A-Pit Style Drummettes                                      $.60 each

Port-A-Pit Style Drummettes (meat only)                $6.00/10 pieces

Port-A-Pit Style Drummettes (full service)                $7.65/plate

  • Drummettes (10 pieces)
  • Baked beans, BBQ slaw, roll, to go box
  • Packet, deli paper and serving utensil